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Oak India Pvt. Ltd. provides spare parts and service support to customers in the Indian air conditioning and refrigeration coil manufacturing industries and the auto industry. We provide specialized service, genuine spares and components for Burr Oak Tool machines, SK Brazing machines and other special purpose machines.

Oak India provides specialized service for installation and post installation requirements for new and older OAK machines. Regular service support is available at any time to all OAK customers. Service includes installation, repair & maintenance, annual care and other maintenance programmes.

Our goal is to provide quick deliveries of necessary spares and local service support for coil manufacturing lines from our partners Burr Oak Tool Inc. USA.

Oak India also delivers specific products, tools, and equipment which helps our customers efficiently produce high quality heat exchanger coils. With many years of hands-on experience in coil manufacturing and support from our partner Burr Oak Tool Inc. we successfully helped many customers establish significant coil manufacturing projects and are committed to do so in the future.

Oak India is located in Gurgaon and has a service center to recondition tooling and refurbish machines.

Our Partners - Burr Oak Tool Inc. designs, manufactures and services fin dies, fin lines, and tube processing machinery, and has been doing it for over 65 years. The heat transfer and coil making machine lines manufactured by Oak stamp fins, create hairpins, expand tubing and form heat exchange coils. Burr Oak tube processing machines produce quality bends, consistent angles, and straight tubes when required, at high production rates.

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